Combots is coming up!

This October, ComBots returns for ComBots Cup VII – the biggest cash prize purse in robot combat! At last year’s two-day championship event, Original Sin managed a three-peat by beating the best 220-pound robots from around the world for dominance, cash, and the glory that is the ComBots Cup – 100 pounds of trophy-shaped awesome! You can view the contestants here and a PDF of the fight ladders here.Whether you’re a sports fan or techno geek, ComBots puts on the best events in San Francisco, getting on two of the world’s best Top Ten lists:

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, ESPN, The New York TimesWired,USA Today, and many more news agencies have covered our events. Check out how we’ve been described around the world!Want to Compete?
ComBots allows just about anyone to compete. Where to begin? Start by reading the rules and the Guide to Winning. Once you’ve got a robot plan in mind, you should definately go through the RioBotz Combot Tutorial (PDF – 28.7MB). There’s also a very brief video on the components of a simple ComBot. When you’ve finished a robot, here’s the information for registering and competing.

Private/Corp Events
Want to throw a really exciting party? Host a ComBots event! Soccer-playing androids, flame-throwing mini-robots driven by your staff, or our full 100,000 pound, 1600 sq ft combat arena with 220 lb killer robots. Host your own heavy metal event!



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