RoboGames 2013

We are less than 70 days from the biggest and best robot competition in the world, ROBOGAMES! Please join Dave and Simone Friday April 19 through Sunday April 21, at the San Mateo event center, as they present world class combat robotics as well as many other kind of robotic events including BAR BOTS. For more information go to!


An Excerpt from their main page:

“RoboGames is the Olympics of Robots – we invite the best minds from around the world to compete in over 50 different events: combat robots, fire-fighters, LEGO bots, hockey bots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled – but they’re all cool! As an open event, anyonecan compete – this means you.



Next events: 
RoboGames 2013, Fri-Sun, Apr 19-21, 2013 in San Mateo, CA.
The tenth annual all-events world championship! Join us for the show!